TwinPure Activated Carbon


TwinPure activated carbon cartridges work by the same principle as sand filtration. The difference lies in the filter media and its purpose. TwinPure Activated Carbon cartridges are made of coconut shells and natural coal.

The materials that make the cartridge TwinPure carbon are 100% natural and have millions of microscopic pores which attract, capture and break down molecules through a mechanism of adsorption of contaminants in the water.

The main use of these products is to eliminate chlorine water, tastes, odors and other organic chemicals, acting in its press format as well as sediment filter up to 5μm. This product is also used as a final process in several processes water treatment.

Technical Description of the active carbon

Activated carbon is composed of 75-80% carbon and 5-10% ash. Within the cartridge, the activated carbon cartridge may be in granular or pressing form.

There are several types of activated carbon, depending of  the raw material, the activation type and duration of this activation process, but in any case, the
carbon is characterized by its small and homogeneous size, and also by its internal structure, which consists of a multitude of uniform pore size. Thus inner surface can be achieved between 500 and 1,500 m2/gr.

These pores can be divided according to their size in macro pores, which have a radius greater than 25 nm, meso pores between 25 and 1 nm, and micro pores having a radius less than 1 nm.


• Reduction of chlorine, taste, smell and color.
• Due to its structure deck and security seals do not emit carbon particles.
• DOE Final configuration format (pressing) or SOE (granular form).
• Maximum operating temperature: 60 º C.
• Low pressure drop.
• Maximum working pressure: 15 kg/cm2.
• We recommend replacing it with a maximum pressure drop of 6 kg/cm2.
• Recommended by the FDA for food and beverage industry.