TwinPure BIG


BIG Twinpure cartridge is based on 4-layer polypropylene filter that make it unique in its segment, according to multilayer patent.

The extensive structure of polypropylene filter makes Twinpure BIG unbeatable compared to any other similar cartridge market.

The 4 different microns in the same element, forms a selective filter, uniform and gradually into the cartridge.

BIG Twinpure cartridge has an area 1.8 times higher, showing a high volume, and thus its structure is able to hold 600 gr. contaminant in an element 10 “in length, 5.2 times more than similar-sized cartridge.

Its large size gives it a very low pressure drop, making the Twinpure BIG filtration cartridge long life, reliability, thereby reducing the costs of filtration.


  • Filtration area 1.8 times higher than standard surfaces cartridges
  • 4 different microns in the same cartridge
  • Selective retention of pollutants
  • Large volume empty in the filter structure.
  • Durability 5.2 times more than its competitors.
  • High retention
  • Excellent results in filtration


  • 100 % Polypropylene
  • Offers compatibility with a wide range of fluids in different processes
  • Free of adhesives and epoxy  resins in their manufacture
  • Manufactured according to standards NSF40 / FDA, CFR
  • Heat sealed  filter structure
  • Libre de migración del medio filtrante
  • Micro fusion Polypropylene fiber
  • High fiber density gives a very rigid support without internal tube
  • Resistant to pressure differential of 5.2 Kg/cm2
  • Filtration reliable and reproducible results
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals products 

BIG Cartridges Working Conditions

Maximum working pressure:
At a temperature of 52 º C 5.2 Kg/cm2
We recommend replacing the filter element to a 3.8 Kg/cm2 pressure differential

BIG Housing Working Conditions

Maximum working pressure: 8.75 kg/cm2
Maximum working temperature 52 º C

Microns pore size
0.5 microns – 1 micron – 5 microns-10 microns – 25 microns

Length in Inches

10 “- 20” – 30 “- 40”


10 “boxes of 12 units
20 “boxes of 6 units
30 “boxes of 6 units
40 “pack of 6 units


Internal 28 mm
External 114 mm


Seawater desalination and brackish
Water for Aquaculture (Hatchery, Nursery)
Process Water
Pre-filtration of UV, DI and RO
Filtration of low viscosity Chemical Products
Oil absorption of low pressure
Blowing air filtration
Filtration of inks and photographic emulsions
Filtration of paints and resins