TwinPure 4 Layers


New depth filter in 4 layers of filtration. The TWINPURE is made ​​with four different pore diameters as the corresponding patent MULTI-LAYER.
The filter element has 4 layers of polypropylene fiber structure, depth and high vacuum volume.
It works with fine pores micronage in the inner layers and thicker micronage over its outer layers.
They consist of 4 different pore diameters in each of its layers to ensure a selective filtering. The item get a longer service life and optimized filtering in each of its layers of filtering. New filter into 4 layers deep.


• High level retention of selective pollutant.
• High durability in service
• Large volume empty in the structure of the media.
• Four different microns in the same filter element.


  •  100% Polypropylene
  • Offers compatibility with a wide range of fluids in different processes
  • Free of adhesives
  • Manufactured according to standards NSF40 / FDA, CFR
  • Free media migration
  • Micro fusion Polypropylene fiber
  • Heat sealed filter structure
  • High density in the fibers give very rigid support without internal tube
  • Resistant to pressure differential of 3.2 Kg/cm2
  • Free of epoxy in the manufacturing
  • Terminations thermo welded cartridge
  • Filtration reliable and reproducible results

Working Conditions

Maximum working pressure:

At a temperature of 60 º C 1.8 Kg/cm2
At a temperature of 20 º C 3.2 Kg / cm2
We recommend replacing the filter element to a (differential pressure 1.5 Kg / cm2
Maximum working temperature 60 º C

  Microns pore size

  • 0.5 microns – 1 micron – 3 microns – 5 microns
    10 microns – 25 microns – 50 microns – 75 microns – 100 microns

Length in Inches

  • 9.87 “- 10” – 20 “- 30” – 40 “- 50”



10 “boxes of 50 units
20 “25-pack boxes
30 “boxes of 20 units
40 “boxes of 20 units
50 “boxes of 20 units


Internal 28 mm
External 63 mm



    Seawater desalination and brackish
    Water for Aquaculture (Hatchery, Nursery)
    Process Water
    Pre-filtration of UV, DI and RO
    Filtration of low viscosity Chemical Products
    Oil absorption of low pressure
    Filtration of inks and photographic emulsions
    Filtration of paints and resins