ATECH membranes

Inorganic membranes manufactured by ATECH INNOVATIONS are made from silicon carbide (SiC) or alumina oxide (Al2O3).

These are composite membranes which are produced by applying a coat to a highly porous carrier material. This coat makes up the actual membrane coat (layer).

The supporting material is made of an extruded mix of silicon carbide which is sinter-fused to its defined mean pore by using an exact control of temperature and moisture. The layer is then sinter-fused to the supporting material which results in a structure with a very high stability.

Characteristics of ATECH membranes


  • high thermal stability
  • resistance to chemicals
  • high mechanical stability (hammering)
  • can easily be back washed
  • high filtrate yield
  • can be regenerated, e.g. by pyrolysis
  • low operating costs due to long service life

The membrane elements are grouped together in stainless steel modules. The modules are also designed to withstand high thermal, chemical and mechanical stresses. Each membrane element can be fitted or removed individually with only very little effort required.