Genesys LF has been developed specifically as an antiscalant for use with Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration membranes.

  • has been approved for use in drinking water applications
  • has negligible impact on levels of assimilable organic carbon (AOC)
  • has been proven effective at LSI of +3.0
  • is highly effective against all common scales, including calcium, barium and strontium sulphate and calcium fluoride
  • inhibits iron, silica and aluminium fouling
  • compatible with all membrane types
  • can replace acid addition
  • will permit systems to operate at the highest possible recovery rates
  • is cost effective

Health & Safety

Genesys LF is an aqueous solution of a neutralised phosphonic acid. From acute studies Genesys

LF has been classed as non-toxic

A material safety data sheet is available upon request

CHIP Classification: Not Classified UN Classification: Non Hazardous


Genesys LF is compatible with carbon steel and all commonly used materials of construction

Genesys LF in use

·  Genesys LF will inhibit all scaling species allowing OEMs to design systems that operate with high recovery rates. This results in significant cost savings by reducing, the amount of feed water used and the volume of concentrate for disposal.

·  Genesys LF should be dosed continuously to the feed water, in the concentrated or diluted form.

·  Dose rates of 2-4 mg/L are typical.

·  The optimum dose rate for Genesys LF can be determined from the Genesys® computer Program.

Typical Properties
appearance straw coloured liquid pH as supplied 9.8-10.2 20oC 1.32-1.34 freezing point <-5oC
Fully miscible with water in all proportions

Packaging  and shelf life
Available in 25kgs, 250kgs and 1,330 kgs containers
The shelf life of Genesys LF has been assessed at 2 years