Genesol 30 is a fast acting, broad-spectrum biocide used for cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nano-Filtration membranes. It can be used bothon and off-line to eliminate microbiological fouling. 

When used in potable water applications, Genesol 30 should be used ‘off-line’. Genesol 30 is also effective in removing biofilm from pumps, tank sand pipe-work. Best results are obtained when Genesol 30 is used at apH 5.5 – 7.0. Residual Genesol 30 can be deactivated to harmless by products by using sodium bisulphite. Genesol 30 is readily biodegraded in the environment; the degradation rate is enhanced at increasing pH and temperature.


When used ‘off-line’ as a membrane cleaner, Genesol 30 should be dosed at 300 mg/L for periods up to 60 minutes. Following use, the membranes should be flushed and cleaned using an alkaline detergent such as Genesol 40 or Genesol 703.

When used ‘on-line’ in non-potable applications Genesol 30 should be dosed at 400mg/l for 30 minutes. Genesol 30 can be diluted and is fully miscible with water in all proportions.

Health and Safety

Genesol 30 is based on an organo-bromine compound. It is corrosive to carbon steel and certain other alloys so all pumps, pipe-work and tanks should be made from acid resistant materials. A material safety data sheet is available on request.


CHIP: Harmful | UN: Corrosive


Available in 25 Kg kegs and 250 Kg drums. The shelf life of Genesol 30 is 12 months when stored in a cool place. At ambient temperatures above 20ºC the shelf life of Genesol 30 may be significantly reduced.