AUXIDECAL antiscalent product is a reverse osmosis membranes, and can also be used for treatment and cleaning of the cooling circuit.


The performance characteristics AUXIDECAL phosphonates are based on the following physical and chemical properties:

• Inhibition of scale: High to sequestering phosphates carbonates and sulfates, avoiding its precipitation and surface inlay.
• High capacity for self-conscious and controlling heavy metal ions.
• Corrosion Inhibition: slowing the oxidation of certain metals and alloys.
• deflocculating (high dispersing power): Ability to disperse suspended solids.
• Hydrolytic stability, high resistance to decay, even at high temperatures and extreme pH values​​.


CPL Classification: Unclassified Classification A: No dangerous


• AUXIDECAL should be dosed continuously to the feedwater. It can be dosed from its pure form or diluted with deionized or RO water.
• The usual dose is 2 to 4 mg / L

General Specifications

Appearance:                             Colorless or slightly yellowish
pH:                                            10-11
Density at 20 ° C:                   1.30 – 1.35
Solubility in water:                 soluble
Solubility in basic medium:  good

Packaging and Expiry

Available in packs of 25, 250 and 1000 kg
Utilizable within a period of 12 months from the date of manufacture when the product has been stored under normal conditions considered avoiding extreme temperatures (below 5 º C or above 35 º C).