Composition and Properties

AUXICLEAN B-13 is an alkaline product powder.

AUXICLEAN B-13 is characterized by its cleaning power. Facilitate the removal of very stubborn dirt. Its high content of complexing, prevents the precipitation of calcium salts and magnesium during the washing process.

AUXICLEAN B-13 is specially designed for the cleaning of facilities with reverse osmosis membranes, micro and ultrafiltration.


AUXICLEAN B-13 is used in reverse osmosis systems when organic type soil, plants and micro and ultrafiltration when there remains whey, albumin, fat and other products.

AUXICLEAN B-13 is suitable for those membranes resistant to alkaline pH levels greater than 12. Recommended by manufacturers of membranes for basic cleaning of the membranes of polyamide and polysulfone.

Important: Refer to specifications of the membranes and their performance against alkalis and temperatures. If necessary, contact our Technical Service.


Rinse with RO water and the clean-up with a solution of AUXICLEAN B-13 2% at a

temperature of about 35-40 ° C and adjust the pH to 12.
For cellulose acetate membranes pH should be less than 7.5.

The solution is recirculated from 1 to 3 hours depending on the level of fouling of the membranes, the pressure of 3 bar, and leave the plant ready to operate again.

It is important to maintain the pH throughout the process indicated that the temperature is below 45 º C, but close to 40 ° C. The flows to be passed through the membranes are:

Membrane 2.5 “- 12 to 18 l / min.
Membrane 4 “- 34 – 38 l / min.
Membrane 8 “- 135 – 150 l / min.

Finally there will be a thorough rinse to remove any remaining detergent.

(Note: There are membranes sensitive to high temperatures. Must apply the product without exceeding the permissible values).

If necessary an additional acid cleaning to improve membrane performance, we recommend the product AUXICLEAN A-1.6 after alkaline cleaning.

Control of the dissolution of AUXICLEAN B-13

They take 50 cm3 of the cleaning solution, add 3-4 drops of phenolphthalein and titrate with 0.5 N hydrochloric acid until the color change.
The cm3 of hydrochloric consumed, multiplied by the corresponding valuation factor gives us the concentration of AUXICLEAN B-13 in wt%.

Factor rating: 0.14.