Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis


Technical Characteristics

pH(1%)                       :           approximately 2.6


Density                       :           1,18 g/cm3


Physical Appearance : Clear colorless liquid


Storage                      : -5 to 45 ° C


Composition and Properties

AUXICLEAN A-1.6 is an acid in liquid form.

AUXICLEAN A-1.6 is characterized by its high cleaning power.
Facilitates the dissolution of calcium salts, metal hydroxides and inorganic colloids.

AUXICLEAN A 1.6 is a product specially designed for cleaning installations with reverse osmosis membranes, micro and ultrafiltration organic and inorganic.


Recommended by membrane manufacturers.



After a rinse with RO water will be cleaned with a solution of AUXICLEAN A 1.6 to a concentration of 5% and a temperature as close as possible to 40 ° C, but never exceeding 45 ° C, adjusting the pH to 2 .
For cellulose acetate membranes the pH should not be less than 4.
The solution is recirculated by controlling the temperature and pH for 1-3 hours depending on the level of contamination, the pressure of 3 bar, and will be held
After a thorough rinse with RO water to remove any dirt or detergent.

Important: The temperature should never exceed 45 ° C, because it would irreversibly harm the membranes. Keep the pH indicated throughout the process and the temperature to 40 ° C if possible. The flows to be passed through the membranes are:

  • Membrane 2.5 “- 12 to 18 l / min.
  • Membrane 4 “- 34 – 38 l / min.
  • Membrane 8 “- 135 – 150 l / min.


Control of the dissolution of AUXICLEAN A-1.6

Taking 50 cm3 of cleaning solution add 3-4 drops of phenolphthalein and sodium hydroxide 1N to add color change.
The amount of sodium hydroxide in cc multiplied by the factor 0.20 we show the concentration of 1.6 at% AUXICLEAN A.

Important: Always check the specifications of different manufacturers of membranes and their behavior in acidic solutions at different temperatures in order to adjust the pH accordingly.