LFC: Low fouling membranes.


True Hydrophilic Membrane Chemistry with LD Technology™

LFC3-LD from the LD Technology™ innovative low fouling membranes, combines the attributes of a neutrally charged surface with hydrophilicity to achieve the lowest organic and colloidal fouling in the most demanding feed water conditions.

Superior membrane technology is the key to Hydranautics’ innovative LFC (Low Fouling Composite) membranes. LFC3-LD membranes offer breakthrough technology in the treatment of difficult feedwaters and municipal wastewaters. Until now, these applications required significant pretreatment prior to being subjected to a composite polyamide membrane, which is eliminated with the use of the LFC3-LD membrane.

Combining the attributes of a neutral surface charge and hydrophilicity, LFC3-LD provides significant reduction in fouling rates increasing the membrane’s efficiency by restoring nominal performance after cleaning.

The low fouling composite LFC3-LD (Low Differential Pressure) provides a neutral surface charge that reduces fouling when treating wastewater and surface water with high fouling potential. With the low fouling LD Technology™, the differential pressure gets reduced lowering the biological and colloidal fouling inside the membrane, and successfully reducing the number of cleanings required!




  • Municipal wastewater treatment.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Wastewater with high biological and organic fouling potential.


Key benefits:

  • Lower colloidal fouling.
  • Reduced biofouling.
  • Increased membrane durability.
  • Lower dP (differential pressure).
  • Greater tolerance to high pH cleanings.
  • Improved flux distribution.

LCF specifications: