DairyRO: High Performance Dairy Process Membranes


High Performance Dairy Process Membranes

Hydranautics’ 40+ years of reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing experience is incorporated into every DairyRO membrane and element. All Dairy RO elements are automation-rolled for straight and minimally sized glue lines, maximum membrane area, and the strongest possible glue line adhesion.

DairyRO composite polyamide reverse osmosis elements are of the net-wrapped, full-fit design, intended for daily CIP in the dairy environment. All membranes and elements are manufactured using highly controlled, ISO 9001-compliant processes, ensuring the highest quality and most consistent, reliable performance available. Experience a new level of product confidence, cost savings and technology excellence with DairyRO.

Key benefits:

  • Hydranautics’ ultra-high rejection RO membranes provide maximum protein and lactose rejection.
  • Elements meet FDA regulation CFR Title 21 and 3A Sanitary Standards for Crossflow Membrane Modules, Number 45-01, Section C.
  •  USDA Accepted – sizes 3838, 3840, 6338, and 8038
  •  100% testing of membrane rolls with 1500 ppm NaCl for flux and rejection
  •  100% testing of elements for rejection and flow

Key Features:

New robot-rolling procedure used in the manufacture of DairyRO elements ensure

  • Superior glue-line adhesion and strength
  • Tighter rolling and caging performance
  • Greater flow rates due to smaller glue lines
  • More structural reliability


  • Pre-concentrating milk or whey for reducing product transport costs
  • Lactose production
  • Sweet/acid whey concentration
  • Concentration of UF permeate
  • Milk and juice concentrations


Configuration Sanitary (Full-Fit), Spiral Wound

Membrane Polymer: Composite Polyamide

Product and Guidelines DairyRO:

(*)  Hydrapolish 8 provided with one interconnector assembly, two anti-telescoping devices and one brine seal