Hydranautics membranes

HYDRANAUTICS, the global leader in membrane innovations, uses cutting edge technology to improve and protect the quality of life around the word.
Since 1963, Hydranautics has been committed to the highest standards of technology research, product excellence and customer fulfillment.
Hydranautics entered the reverse osmosis water treatment field in 1970, and is now one of the most respected and experienced firms in the membrane separations industry. Hydranautics joined the Osaka, Japan based Nitto Denko Corporation in 1987.
AUXIAQUA is the official distributor of HYDRANAUTICS for Spain and Portugal in the following range of reverse osmosis membranes, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration:

  • DairyRO: High Performance Dairy Process Membranes
    • generic_hydra

      High Performance Dairy Process Membranes Hydranautics’ 40+ years of reverse osmosis membrane manufacturing experience is incorporated into every DairyRO membrane and element. All Dairy RO elements are automation-rolled for straight and minimally sized glue lines, maximum membrane area, and the strongest possible …

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  • ESPA: Energy saving polyamide membrane elements
    • espa

      Energy saving polyamide membrane elements. The high productivity membrane Hydranautics offers a complete line of energy saving polyamide ESPA reverse osmosis membrane elements for a wide range of water treatment applications, including: the treatment of well, surface or wastewater with …

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  • HYDRACAP: Ultrafiltration membranes
    • Hydracap

      HYDRAcap is used to treat surface water, ground water, seawater and waste waters as either primary treatment or as pretreatment to reverse osmosis  (RO) and nanofiltration (NF). Compared to conventional pretreatment, HYDRAcap allows for higher fluxes for RO and NF …

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  • LFC: Low fouling membranes.
    • lfc2

      True Hydrophilic Membrane Chemistry with LD Technology™ LFC3-LD from the LD Technology™ innovative low fouling membranes, combines the attributes of a neutrally charged surface with hydrophilicity to achieve the lowest organic and colloidal fouling in the most demanding feed water conditions. …

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  • SanRO: Membrane elements for bio-pharm systems
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      SanRO® and SanRO®-HS elements are USP (United States Pharmacopoeia)-compliant and are typically used in producing purified water in pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology, food, beverage and semiconductor processes. Elements meet all requirements for purified water (PW) and conform to FDA Regulation CFR, …

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  • SWC: The first choice in Seawater Desalination
    • swc

      Hydranautics is the world leader in seawater desalination, producing over 500 million gallons per day (2 million m3/d) of purified water. With more installed capacity than any other competitor, the SWC membrane provides unparalleled and consistent operating performance. SWC elements …

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