ESPA: Energy saving polyamide membrane elements


Energy saving polyamide membrane elements. The high productivity membrane

Hydranautics offers a complete line of energy saving polyamide ESPA reverse osmosis membrane elements for a wide range of water treatment applications, including: the treatment of well, surface or wastewater with high salt rejection requirements, high purity industrial applications and seawater desalination plants requiring high boron rejection. Hydranautics has several installations around the world for these and other applications that combine their patented RO, NF, UF y MF membrane technologies to create the perfect water treatment solution for their customer. One example is a large seawater RO plant on an island country in the Mediterranean that uses the combination of SWC5 and ESPAB in the unique Hydranautics process- Integrated Membrane Solutions (IMS). The high performance SWC5 is ideal for use with ESPAB membrane in the second pass in seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis plants that have stringent boron rejection requirements.

Energy Saving ESPA elements are available from Hydranautics in both 4-inch and 8-inch diameters by 40-inch long spiral wound configurations for many treatment applications.

ESPA is unparalleled performance characteristics can provide a significant cost savings due to the lower operation pressures required, while still providing optimal flow as well as high salt and boron rejection.

Product Offerings:


The world’s leading high productivity, energy-saving polyamide membrane.


ESPA2 combines high productivity, energy savings and less salt passage all in one element.


Offers the same rejection characteristics as ESPA2 but with even higher flow rates.


ESPA2 LD has minimized biofouling, minimized colloidal fouling and enhanced cleanability


Highest productivity & rejection with next-generation performance


The same characteristics as ESPA4 but with even higher flow rates


Provides a new option for communities where boron levels are naturally high or for manufacturers challenged by boron contamination issues


Increased active surface area for higher flux and rejection, with the same superior boron rejection as the ESPAB.

Performance for  ESPA membranes:


Selected ESPA Project References:

 Ulu Panden, Singapur

45 MGD (170,00 m3/d) of industrial water from a waste water source

West Basin, California

5 MGD (19,000 m3/d) of industrial wáter from a wastewater source

Orange County, California

70 MGD (265,000 m3/d) of reclaimed wastewater source

Alameda County

8 MGD (30,000 m3/d) of potable water from a well wáter source